Lucifer vir Honestus is a name that is hard to forget. Lucifer means bearer of light. "Vir honestus' means an honest man. Honesty is always a virtue. And yet, when you put it all together, it sounds ever so slightly naughty.  The Lucifer vir Honestus line of fine jewelry was founded in 1998 by Luna Scamuzzi and Paolo Mandelli, both of Milan. This Milanese "maison" was named after the first jeweler of the middle ages.

Luna is an architect by profession, and you can see this in her designs. All the jewels for Lucifer vir Honestus are made in Luna and Paolo's lab in Milan.

Myself, I am partial to coral. Something about its touch and feel carry me away. So as I was looking through the Lucifer collection. I was especially drawn to this exquisite pair of coral earrings. They're well worth the price. Don't you agree?