In a recent article in newsweek, Katie Roiphe has suggested that sex and aggression  are inseperable and that women have always liked it rough. Here is Katie Roiphe discussing that particular piece and how it may have been misinterpreted.
If you have ever been to China, or even to a top notch Chinese restaurant, then you know that Chinese teacups have no handles. And yet most of us like to use our prized Blue Willow Pattern china, fancying that we are adhering to a long Chinese tradition. 
Of course, it is highly unlikely that the Blue Willow Pattern is authentically Chinese, but still it does have a long and venerable history. And most of us display Blue Willow China quite proudly in our homes, on our shelves and at our tables.
But quite recently, something quite interesting has happened that has revolutionized Blue Willow China as we know it. There are now available tiny little teacups with no handles, just like the ones in China, and they carry the Blue Willow Pattern.