Good table manners are a sign of good breeding and delicate sensibilities. Yet today's culture is such that many a person has simply never encountered the correct way to behave at table. If this is the case, the best person to consult is Emily Post.
'Tis a joy to be simple. Have you ever yearned for simplicity in your life? No more gaudy jewelry, no more overly clever clothing? Well, then this Donna Karan design is for you.
There's something about flowers. They are overtly concerned with beauty, allure and reproduction. The beauty of the lilies serves a purely utilitarian function, and every woman knows it. Beauty is not something to be taken lightly or to be dispensed with during difficult times. Beauty is a necessity, as much a part of our lives as breathing.

Now here is a ring that I find breathtaking!
Sometimes a holiday such as Valentine's Day catches us by surprise. I know I would not mind at all if the love of my life, at a loss for ideas, bought me this exquisite pair of earrings.
Do you sometimes avoid dressing fashionably because you are afraid to appear a snob? This seems to have been a concern since before the United States was founded, and it was for that reason that the puritans all tried to dress alike. In the November 2, 1867 issue of Harper's Bazaar, there was an article entitled "Suitable Dress" that began like this:
"The uniformity of dress is a characteristic of the people of the United States. The man of leisure and the laborer, the mistress and the maid, wear clothes of the same material and cut. Political equality renders our countrymen and countrywomen averse to all distinctions of costume which may be supposed to indicate a difference of caste. The uniformity which results is not favorable to the picturesque, and our everyday world in America  has, in consequence, the shabby look of being got up by the Jews in Chatham Street and turned out in a universal suit of second hand clothing." Oh, my! That is harsh.

Nevertheless, Harper's Bazaar has a made a reputation for itself as the premier fashion magazine, not only in America, but throughout the world. Do you subscribe to Harper's?
Hats are in again! Try these hats on for size this spring! They're by Christine A. Moore, and they have allure!
When you put together an outfit of designer clothing, do you ever think about the person who made those clothes possible? Do you ever ask yourself what were the ideas that led to the design? If you are a patron of Michael Kors clothing, then this video interview is a must-see!
What Michael Kors designs do I recommend? Try this!
Lucifer vir Honestus is a name that is hard to forget. Lucifer means bearer of light. "Vir honestus' means an honest man. Honesty is always a virtue. And yet, when you put it all together, it sounds ever so slightly naughty.  The Lucifer vir Honestus line of fine jewelry was founded in 1998 by Luna Scamuzzi and Paolo Mandelli, both of Milan. This Milanese "maison" was named after the first jeweler of the middle ages.

Luna is an architect by profession, and you can see this in her designs. All the jewels for Lucifer vir Honestus are made in Luna and Paolo's lab in Milan.

Myself, I am partial to coral. Something about its touch and feel carry me away. So as I was looking through the Lucifer collection. I was especially drawn to this exquisite pair of coral earrings. They're well worth the price. Don't you agree?

I just love those words: luxury, opulence and spoiled natures! Danielle Kehl was a mere assistant to a publisher in New York City, when she had a vision while strolling along the East River about what really mattered to her: luxury, opulence and spoiled natures! That is how this amazing line of drawer sachets came about! Try them yourself! You probably had no idea you were longing for them, but once you have tried them, your life will never be the same...
Sometimes an outfit can be quite demure and still have allure. Look at this one: