Blue diamonds: these two words juxtaposed in just this way sound exotic and mysterious. Why are they blue? Even scientists don't know the answer and are still in the experimental stages of trying to find out. You, too, can run a private little experiment at home. But first you need to buy a blue diamond. Fortunately, they are available for purchase online.
Some diamonds are considered to be valuable precisely because they have been cursed. This is so much the case, that a curse often has to be invented in order to sell a diamond. The Hope Diamond is said to carry such a curse, and since its current owner is the United States government, this could explain much about America's current economic climate.
Prom Night is the most important night in a young girl's life. Since in modern day American society, balls and cotillions are few and far between , for many young girls the prom is the social event of the century, the not-to-be-missed opportunity to be Cinderella and dance at the ball. After four years in high school, a girl's prom experience is the culmination of a long drawn out process of social selection.
Which leads us to the inevitable question: What should you wear to the prom. Below I include some gowns that I have selected especially for you
It used to be that attending a ball on prom night was the culminating event in a young woman's search for a mate. But today, when most young girls have already mated long before prom night comes around, some are actually carrying a child within them when the fateful night arrives. Rather than sit out the social event of the season, many young ladies have found that there are special maternity dresses that are just right for them. There are even nursing gowns available for those high school seniors who have already had their baby