Three little words that mean so much: "Levian Chocolate Diamonds." And what exactly do those words mean? A world of luxury.

Having trouble appraising the true value of your jewelry? Then looking online and comparing prices is the best possible remedy. Do you already have some Levian chocolate diamonds and wonder how much they are worth, or how much those three little words really mean? Then investigate. Hoping that Santa might bring you the Levian Chocolate gift of a lifetime? Not a bad idea to share this link with Santa's helper.

Sadly, Vidal Sassoon, at the age of eighty-four, passed away yesterday. You can read the full obituary here. A great man and a great hair stylist is being universally mourned throughout the civilized world. 
Here is a very recent interview with Vidal Sassoon. I think it is rather interesting:
Born in England, and abandoned in an orphanage for part of his childhood, he was a militant Zionist as well as a revolutionary hair stylist. Today as all the world mourns, pick up a Vidal Sassoon styling product or a DVD and think on that one of a kind individual.
In a recent article in newsweek, Katie Roiphe has suggested that sex and aggression  are inseperable and that women have always liked it rough. Here is Katie Roiphe discussing that particular piece and how it may have been misinterpreted.
If you have ever been to China, or even to a top notch Chinese restaurant, then you know that Chinese teacups have no handles. And yet most of us like to use our prized Blue Willow Pattern china, fancying that we are adhering to a long Chinese tradition. 
Of course, it is highly unlikely that the Blue Willow Pattern is authentically Chinese, but still it does have a long and venerable history. And most of us display Blue Willow China quite proudly in our homes, on our shelves and at our tables.
But quite recently, something quite interesting has happened that has revolutionized Blue Willow China as we know it. There are now available tiny little teacups with no handles, just like the ones in China, and they carry the Blue Willow Pattern.

Blue diamonds: these two words juxtaposed in just this way sound exotic and mysterious. Why are they blue? Even scientists don't know the answer and are still in the experimental stages of trying to find out. You, too, can run a private little experiment at home. But first you need to buy a blue diamond. Fortunately, they are available for purchase online.
Some diamonds are considered to be valuable precisely because they have been cursed. This is so much the case, that a curse often has to be invented in order to sell a diamond. The Hope Diamond is said to carry such a curse, and since its current owner is the United States government, this could explain much about America's current economic climate.
Prom Night is the most important night in a young girl's life. Since in modern day American society, balls and cotillions are few and far between , for many young girls the prom is the social event of the century, the not-to-be-missed opportunity to be Cinderella and dance at the ball. After four years in high school, a girl's prom experience is the culmination of a long drawn out process of social selection.
Which leads us to the inevitable question: What should you wear to the prom. Below I include some gowns that I have selected especially for you
It used to be that attending a ball on prom night was the culminating event in a young woman's search for a mate. But today, when most young girls have already mated long before prom night comes around, some are actually carrying a child within them when the fateful night arrives. Rather than sit out the social event of the season, many young ladies have found that there are special maternity dresses that are just right for them. There are even nursing gowns available for those high school seniors who have already had their baby
Breathe in, breath out. That is all there is to life. Encapsulated in a thin coat of gelatin, delicate flowers remind us that beauty and life are intertwined and related. At your table, you serve food, and food is life. Why not serve it in the form of edible art? Why not learn how to make your own encapsulated gelatin flowers?
Andrew Pike is a bright young designer and interior decorator with some interesting ideas about beautiful holiday table settings. Watch this video for inspiration in planning your own holiday table.
Decorating ideas that we glean from a professional like Andrew Pike need not be to copy his exact choices. Instead, we can learn from his technique. Mixing and matching between old fashioned pieces and more modern ones creates a unique style all you own. Below are some table settings that you can order one at a time.
How do you make up a beautiful bed? Designer Susanna Salk discusses this important question with a SFERRA representative.
At the end of the day, when you make up your bed, then you have to lie in it. Why not use luxury bedding with a high thread count? Aren't you worth it?
Sadly, there are times when not only can we not afford to buy beautiful new jewelry and accessories, but we are actually forced to part with what we have. Jewels have a value, and you don't need to have them appraised by a professional appraiser in order to determine what that price is. In the life of every great person, along with success and prominence, there also can come a time when we feel forced to hock the family jewels.

Today, while pawnshops still exist, most self-respecting people find more discrete methods of appraising and selling their jewels online.
One method that very few people mention of discretely and effectively disposing of family jewels is to sell them on Say, for instance, that you have a  Le Vian Gold ring with 1  1/2 karate white and chocolate diamonds. How much is it worth.?Let's go to Amazon and see.
Now that you know that the ring sells for $2, 199.00 as of today, you have some idea how much buyers will pay for it. Offering the same ring for a slightly reduced price on eBay or Amazon could net you the sale you want, with a minimum of embarrassment.

Everyone has been short on cash at one point or another. People of the highest rank in society have been forced to hock the family jewels. But you can get the cash you need without ever setting foot in a pawnshop.